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I'm Mario Trabucco, PhD ACIM

Founder and Director of Normanica

We can build and manage your online presence in your target market.

Suppose you want to sell your products abroad, let's say in Italy. What we can offer you is the chance to beat your competitors offering your Italian customers a beautiful and performing website in a language they effortless understand. We offer the creation of engaging and informative content about your products and services, and will optimize this content for the local search engines to find it, based on carefully selected keywords. We will boost your website visitors numbers through a skillfully planned strategy of content sharing on the most widespread social media, backlinks creation, and interaction with your audience. We will give your brand online visibility and respect, in order to position your products in the best possible way and show your local customers that you care about them enough to win their loyalty.

Skills & Info

Digital Marketing
Online Advertising
Revenue optimisation
Data management and visualisation
Research and dissemination
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  • Founded November 2015
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What Do We Offer


As they always say: “content is king”. No matter how good your product is, people will make up their mind based on what they find about it. It’s a challenge and an opportunity. Do you have the time and the skills to do it?


Since the Middle Ages, it is all about ranking. Search Engines consider more relevant content based in the same country and written in the same language of the people searching. Is your shiny product page ready to be found?


Every country has its own set of journalists, bloggers and influencers, all shaping the audience in their own language. Yes, they will most probably read your tweets, but… will they forward your message if it isn’t in their readers language?


Online marketing, like all communication areas, are hugely language- and culture-specific. Think about your slogans: do they really work the same if translated in another language? Will your prospective customers remember them?


You wirte your passion. Your site looks gorgeous. But what about those bills? Are you able to make the most out of your audience? Are you sure to monetise your content in a way that is effective yet not annoying to the user?


Traffic, impressions, revenues, audiences... Are you still keeping all those data into their own separate spreadsheets? Let us help you create beautiful collaborative data pipelines that will automate workflows and provide the insight you need!






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